Spiritual Education

At EBC, we offer a wide variety of educational opportunities to help you grow in your spiritual walk with God. Here at EBC, we like to refer to our Sunday School programs as "Spiritual Education". Spiritual Education classes are taught by dedicated members who love the Lord and serve to uplift His name. We welcome you to join our training exercises and encourage you to get fit in the Lord!

  • nursery

    Our nursery team strives to provide the best protective care for the children who are entrusted to them. Children are signed-in and released only to named individuals. The children read Bible stories, listen to children's music, and have supervised quality playtime. Often a simple snack is provided. The children are loved, welcomed, and encouraged to feel safe as parents can enjoy other Sunday school classes.

  • Pre-school, kindergarten & 1st thru 3rd grage

    These children enjoy interactive lessons that the teacher prepares through Bible-based literature. The lessons focus on God's word and are presented to those young people at their level of understanding, by loving teachers. Posters, crafts, and surprises help to keep the children's attention focused on the presented Bible lessons.

  • Juniors and younger youth

    These youth also receive undivided attention from dedicated teachers. These classes are currently small and allow students to actively participate in the lessons. The juniors follow along with Sunday school quarterly activities, while Younger Youth learn Bible verses and discuss how God's word applies to them as they are quickly growing up.

  • older youth

    These young men and women discuss many of today's dynamic topics and are reminded how God's word is applicable to all situations. Our leaders take pride in listening to our students and guiding their thoughts to follow Jesus. Lessons are taught through Bible-based literature and allow students to truly think about their personal needs as they too are quickly entering the real world of adulthood. We aim to prepare them with our Lord's defenses. 


    Our Young Adult class shares life experiences as they study God's word and apply it to everyday situations. Our teachers understand the difficulties faced in everyday life and help relate the scriptures to life. These classes interactively discuss problematic topics while keeping God's word at the center of the proposed suggestions and solutions. Students often study by series, do homework, and are encouraged to share their learned experiences. 

  • Adult classes

    Our other Adult classes are primarily grouped by age. The classes are taught by members who serve our Lord by compassionately leading their peers according to God's word. Each leader has a unique approach to weekly lessons that display the preparation and detail that our students enjoy. Participants keep their quarterlies, can participate in lessons, and look forward to the lesson as it is presented by their leader. All ages enjoy the same lesson from a different perspective while keeping God's word ever-present and centered in all discussions. 

  • new member/discipleship class

    EBC also offers a New Membership/Discipleship class that helps prospective members to make educated, Bible-based decisions concerning an individual's spiritual needs.